Mommas are the most gracious givers. From how they endure the challenges of pregnancy to how they change their priorities to care for their fam, mommas are definitely some of the most selfless beings to walk the earth!

And while I’m a big fan of no-special-event-needed acts of appreciation, I’m sure that many mommas also loooooove receiving some special treatment during holiday seasons.

This is why we at Milksta compiled 100 gift ideas for moms—with the help of real mommas from the Milksta Mommy Crew. Whether it’s for Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Christmas, or any other special occasion, this list will help you pick out or handcraft some joy-giving gifts for the precious mommas in your life.

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30 Thanksgiving Gifts That Say More Than Just Thank-You’s

Thanksgiving Day gives us a chance to intentionally practice gratitude. It’s sweet and grounding to ponder on the things, people, and opportunities that have caused some good in our lives. But while thank-you messages are always uplifting, Thanksgiving gifts can make your sincere gratitude even more touching and memorable.

1. Homemade Thanksgiving Dessert

Shopping for something fancy isn’t always the way to go. Sometimes, a specially made dessert (like that recipe your family has loved for years), can do joyful wonders that no store-bought presents could give. Plus, you might be making momma’s Thanksgiving preps easier by taking care of dessert!

If you need help in choosing a dessert, this recipe compilation by CountryLiving can lend you a hand.

2. Loose Leaf Tea

Relaxing with a cup of tea is a form of self-love. And by sending the mommas in your life a box of aromatic leaf tea, you’re also gifting them with more moments of self-love. The kind with powerful health benefits!

If convenience is a big concern, however, then teabags and pre-blended tea powder are a good idea as well.

3. Her Favorite Coffee

Does she love brewing her own coffee? Or is she a fan of easy-pour, ready-to-drink blend? Recall how she loves her coffee and gift her with her favorite coffee grounds or instant coffee powder. She’ll remember you every time she takes a sip!

Aside from the coffee she’s used to, you can also gift her with something new. A richer, healthier coffee? I don’t see why not.

4. Coffee Maker

Nope, not that single-serve one. Get momma a coffee maker that can make at least five cups of caffeine goodness. Coffee lovers need more than a cup!

5. Insulated Tumbler

An insulated tumbler is one of the most useful and practical gifts anyone could give. It doesn’t matter if the momma you’re buying a gift for is usually at home or outside the home. Wherever she goes, a tumbler is always good to have.

6. Self-Heating Mug

Yup, we aren’t done with beverage equipment yet! Self-heating mugs are perfect for anyone who wants to keep their drink warm and cozy, especially when there are things (or babies!) that make them temporarily forget they haven’t finished their drink.

Some smart mugs are also great for cold beverages. Take this Ember Mug for example.

7. Waterproof Laptop Sleeve

Trust me in this: mommas would so love to make all their work-related equipment and supplies waterproof—especially if they’re working from home with energetic kids playing around! But since we’re just talking about gifts here, a waterproof laptop sleeve is a good start. 

8. Scented Candles

Soothing scents are therapeutic. Even for mommas who don’t believe in calming or energy-cleansing rituals, the science behind scents affecting our brain, memory, and mood is undeniable. Plus, scented candles are generally affordable and easy to find.

Try to find scents the momma would love. If she isn’t used to using scented candles yet, go for gentle aromas like coconut, ocean mist, and lavender.

9. Essential Oils

Like scented candles, essential oils can have therapeutic effects as well. But, that’s not all that essential oils can do. Some oils can be diffused to shoo insects away, and some others can help with dizziness, anxiety, and even for disinfecting homes!

Aroma Foundry has a collection of oils mommas would love. Go ahead and check them out.

10. Salon Treatment

Who wouldn’t love a nice, all-expense-paid self-care day? It’s a need (not just a want!) for mommas. Gift her with her favorite treatments, at a place where she can relax her body and mind.

11. DIY Foot Massage

Have you ever seen those cute, DIY gift cards that the recipient can exchange for hugs or kisses? Well, the idea here is the same—something I recommend to dads and kids!

Make some nice gift cards for free foot massages. If you have children in the house, ask them to draw on the cards to make them more special. And of course, make sure that the actual massage sessions live up to expectations. Add some soft music and serve momma’s favorite drink. Dads could also initiate some romantic dad-and-mom conversations to make the moment more memorable.

12. Day Without the Kids

We LOVE our kids. But let’s be completely honest here: it’ll be nice to have a few 

“free” hours every once in a while… even when we mommas end up thinking about the kids the entire time (LOL). 

If you’re a dad, you may consider arranging a date where you and momma can enjoy each other’s company. You might have to call someone to look after the kids, so make sure to take care of that and all other things necessary for you and momma to be fully present during your date.

And oh, it’s not just dads who could arrange this kind of gift. If you’re a trusted friend or relative of a momma, you can offer to babysit for a day (or take the kids somewhere fun!) so she and dad can enjoy some alone time.

13. Memory Pillow

You know that sweet, yes-finally feeling you get when you snuggle into bed after or in the middle of a long, tiring day? Well, busy moms love that feeling too. Even more so when they have a nice, comfy pillow that suits their posture!

A memory pillow or a chiropractic pillow has become a must-have, especially now that majority of us spend a big chunk of our day in front of our gadgets. For breastfeeding moms, an adjustable nursing pillow is a good idea as well.

14. Swaddle Blanket

This one’s for the momma with a newborn baby or is expecting. After all, a gift for infant care is always good for momma too.

15. Footrest

Anyone who spends hours sitting in front of their computer knows the importance of this one. Just think of muscle spasms and leg cramps!

Luckily, there are several ergonomic footrest options out there. Check out this list of the best footrests by Forbes.

16. Gym Membership for Two

Gym membership is a nice gift. But, we can’t deny that motivation and accountability are super important when it comes to fitness goals.

Give momma these two things by going with her to the gym or at least let her invite anyone she likes. Don’t make her go alone, please!

17. Smokeless Tabletop Grill

Electric and smokeless grills make way for a healthier BBQ grilling! Plus, it makes family BBQ times more convenient and hassle-free.

18. Cooling Eye Mask

Need I say more? Cooling eye masks are soothing and could help relieve puffy eyes. We mommas need some of that!

19. Vegan Cosmetics

Make this gift-giving time a chance for momma to try something that many health-conscious women are raving over. Here’s a guide on finding vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics.

20. Volumizing Mascara

It doesn’t matter if momma routinely wears makeup or not. Volumizing mascara is always nice to have, especially for date nights, catch-up meetups with friends, and even for Zoom meetings.

Some mascaras, like the Urban Decay Perversion Mascara, also have proteins and amino acids that support lash growth.

21. Bath Salts

Bath salts have plenty of benefits. Among other things, it helps mommas deal with stress, muscle spasms, and even certain skin issues. Best of all, it’s just super relaxing to have a nice bath that’s not like our regular bath!

Here’s a quick guide on how to use and choose bath salts.

22. Wine

Wine may seem like a classic holiday gift, but it doesn’t make it any less special. I myself derive happiness from receiving wine!

If momma is a wine aficionado, she’ll also likely appreciate a book describing the great wines of Europe. I’m talking about The Sommelier’s Atlas of Taste by Rajat Parr and Jordan Mackay.

23. Stone Quartz Coasters

These coasters can be so soothing in the eyes. Take a look at this coaster set by West Elm!

Stone coasters are also more durable than woven and wooden alternatives. I don’t know about you, but I’m so in love with these quartz beauties.

24. Indoor Herbs

Decorative indoor plants will always be awesome. But indoor herbs? Plants that mommas can actually mix into their recipes? They’re absolutely gratifying!

Some herbs that can be grown indoors are lemongrass, mint, rosemary, chives, parsley, and thyme. It would be great to buy from local growers in your community. But if that’s not possible, you’d be glad to know that you can also shop herb garden kits online.

25. Herbs & Spices Gift Set

Thanksgiving Day is a good day to replenish momma’s herb and spice rack. Gift her with a set of her favorite ones. Maybe even include some rare spices she could try.

26. TOMMY Chair

Mommas don’t need a special occasion to deserve a TOMMY chair. So if she doesn’t have one yet, this is the perfect time to get one! This comfy and stylish reclining beach chair is the perfect companion for relaxation—something that busy mommas need to have more of, even when they’re just at home.

27. Extra Thick Yoga Mat

Help momma find a comfortable spot for her stretches, Yoga, Pilates, or Kegel exercises. Giving her an extra thick mat is a way to do it!

28. Weighted Blanket

This kind of blanket mimics the experience of being hugged. No wonder it helps improve sleep quality and reduce stress.

Amazingly, there are weighted blankets with a lifetime warranty. If you like this gift idea for mom, you’ll love checking out the options Magic Weighted Blanket has.

29. Framed Family Portrait

When was the last time anyone in your family printed memorable photos? This isn’t a trendy practice anymore. But for mommas who are very mindful of how things are changing—how kids grow fast and change their likes and dislikes, how the adults seem less and less available for intimate family bondings—printed, hand-drawn, or painted family portraits make heartwarming gifts.

Plus, displaying a big family portrait is a nice way to prep momma’s home for the next family bonding. Christmas, here we come!

30. Amazon eGift Card

Sometimes, the best gift is to just let momma buy whatever she wants. Gift cards from Amazon can help her do exactly that. Plus, Amazon also lets you customize the card so it feels more personal and special. Visit Amazon if you’re ready to get some gift cards!

35 Black Friday Gifts to Brighten Momma’s Day

Gift-giving time isn’t done yet. Black Friday (as well as Cyber Monday!) is a popular shopping day as stores online and offline offer huge discounts for a limited time only.

What would make a nice Black Friday gift for mom? Here are some ideas.

31. Shopping Date

Set a shopping budget, and take momma to her favorite stores. Those items she’s been meaning to buy but never had the chance to? Now’s time to bring ‘em home!

32. Smoothie Blender

Did you know that it’s mostly the electronic and hardware stores that give the biggest discounts during Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Take advantage of that by getting momma the kitchen equipment she’d love, like a smoothie blender for her favorite healthy blends.

33. Milk Frother

Who wouldn’t love a coffee station with a milk frother? Especially now that it’s not as easy to go to coffee shops to enjoy foamy, creamy lattes, having a milk frother at home is just joy-giving. Here’s a bunch of milk frothers you may consider.

34. Instant Latte

Image from Kristen of

As inviting as our coffee station may be, there will be times when an instant perk-me-up is all that our schedule can accommodate. So get momma those quick fix blends she loves. And oh, instant doesn’t always mean unhealthy. Want proof? Check out this pre-blended Milksta latte!

35. Jars of Latte Toppings

Suprise momma with different kinds of yummy-fiers, like her favorite nuts, chocolate chips, cocoa powder, brown sugar, and cinnamon. You could also make them extra special by putting them in stylish and durable jars that momma would be happy to display in her kitchen.

36. Portable Massage Gun

Any adult would agree that massages are an absolute necessity. Sadly, mommas don’t always have the time or the budget to get the massages they need. So if momma doesn’t have a massage gun yet, it’s about time you gift her with one.

37. Lactation Massager

If momma is currently breastfeeding, Frida’s lactation massager is one of the best gifts you could give her. This kind of massager helps in improving milk letdown and preventing clogged milk ducts.

38. Hospital-Grade Breast Pump

A lot of breastfeeding moms settle for the cheapest breast pump. But wouldn’t you agree that they deserve better? A hospital-grade pump, though more expensive than manual and electric pumps, makes breast pumping a lot easier with its strong suction.

39. Apple AirPods

Wireless earbuds make it convenient for mommas to listen to their favorite songs or podcast even while they’re busy tending to their baby, cleaning the house, or doing stuff for their business. Of course, any other high-quality alternative would be great as well.

40. Robot Vacuum

Remember what we said about Black Friday and Cyber Monday being a big-sale day for electronics? Well, it’s a good time to get momma the housework help she needs: a high-quality robot vacuum.

41. Spa Gift Card

Any momma would be delighted to receive a spa gift card, especially on a holiday.

Check the spas near you and see if they offer gift cards. If possible, get at least two cards so momma has the option to take someone with her or save the other card for her next spa day.

42. Motivational Water Bottle

As simple as drinking water might seem, a lot of people don’t actually drink enough water every day. If momma often forgets to hydrate, a motivational water bottle (check out this example to see what I mean), would be a great holiday gift idea.

43. Non-Stick Pots and Pans

It doesn’t have to be one whole set. One piece of good-quality, non-stick cookware is a delight to have. If momma likes certain colors for her kitchen, you can explore beautifully colored cookware as well (like these pretty pastel pots and pans).

44. Electric Pressure Cooker

Another good one for the kitchen. But instead of going for the typical pressure cooker that’s only good for tenderizing meat, why not get momma a multi-functional one? This Instant Pot Duo, for instance, is like seven devices in one: pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, food warmer, saute pan, and yogurt maker.

45. Ceramic Plates

Ceramic plates make food prep and plating a lot more exciting. Plus, if momma frequently has guests coming over, then having extra plates wouldn’t hurt. If you need help in choosing ceramic plates that are a delight to the eyes, here’s some help from Bon Appetit.

46. Eyeglass Holder

Does momma often forget where she put her eyeglasses? Help her with that with a stylish eyeglass holder, like this one by JewelryNanny.

47. Hair-Drying & Volumizing Hair Brush

Convenience and effectiveness are key here. Get a high-quality brush that saves momma time and gives beautiful results.

48. Bellabeat Ivy

Image Source:

Momma would love this elegant health and wellness tracker by Bellabeat. Its look is perfect for any casual and special event. But more than that, this device also monitors health and wellness metrics like heart rate, respiratory rate, sleep, hydration, and mindfulness, among other things. Mama-mazing, isn’t it?

49. Lumbar Pillow

With all the responsibilities on momma’s shoulders, it’s only right for her to receive support. Our backs are usually the most affected when we’re too busy to the point of forgetting about our physical health, and ergonomic tools like a lumbar pillow can help with that. 

50. Memory Foam Wrist Rests

Does momma spend a lot of time in front of a computer? Then a wrist rest is a must-have for her. A wrist rest in front of the keyboard and another one for the mouse are highly recommended. You’ll find plenty of options on Amazon!

51. Memory Foam House Shoes

We aren’t done with memory foam yet. Memory foam house shoes are super comfy to the feet. They absorb the shock underfoot and reduce the pressure, so it’ll be as if momma is walking on clouds. Plus, if you choose a pair with good-quality materials, momma will also be protected from slipping or skidding.

52. Keyboard Cover

Computers and keyboards aren’t cheap, so it’s best to protect them from elements that could damage them. Good thing that keyboard covers are generally inexpensive! Do consider them as you think of what to give momma on Black Friday. 

53. High-Capacity Memory Stick

With the ease of documenting our everyday lives through photos and videos, finding storage for these digital assets is a problem for a lot of us. For momma, you can help her take more images of the things and people she loves by gifting her with a memory stick that can store hundreds to thousands of files.

54. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

In this age of Zoom meetings, noise-canceling headphones have become a basic necessity. Check out this guide on the best options you can choose from.

55. Kindle Paperwhite

The newest version of Kindle Paperwhite is the perfect gift idea for moms who love to read. It has built-in adjustable light for daytime and nighttime reading. Plus, it’s waterproof, too!

56. Screen-Cleansing Towelettes

Stubborn dust is one of the most annoying things when cleaning a workstation. Make momma’s life easier by gifting her with towelettes specifically made for electronics.  

57. Sanitizing Box

Everyday essentials like mobile phones, earbuds, and keys need to be sanitized frequently. What easier way to do that than to place them in a sanitizing box that kills bacteria and viruses? Yes, there is such a thing! Check out Sonix and see for yourself.

58. Storage Shelves

There are many kinds of storage shelves you can buy for momma. There’s the small, desktop kind where she can keep her small workstation supplies. There are bigger kinds where she can display her favorite books, figurines, framed photos, or any other collections that warm her heart and her home.

59. Waterproof Planner

Anything waterproof is also, at a certain level, baby- or child-proof. Help momma protect her notes by gifting her with a planner made with a waterproof cover and waterproof paper. Rite in the Rain’s planner is a nice option to consider. 

60. Car Seat

A car seat for momma’s infant, toddler, or even her pet is a very thoughtful gift to give. Target has some Black Friday car seat deals you can check out.

61. Car Wash

Put momma’s next car wash on your tab! Not only is it a sweet gesture, but it’s a practical treat too.

62. Oil Change

Another practical gift idea right here! If momma doesn’t plan on getting an oil change anytime soon, a vehicle service gift card is a good alternative. 

63. Her Dream Masterclass

Ask momma what class she’s been dreaming to enroll in and then gift her with that. Of course, you should choose a masterclass facilitated by a reputable trainer and that suits momma’s schedule.

64. Canvas Tote Bag

Tote bags are versatile bags. Momma can use them for grocery shopping, Christmas shopping, or any other errand. You just can’t go wrong with this gift idea!

65. Toy Gift Cards

Since the Christmas season is coming, you can make Christmas shopping a lot easier for momma by giving her some toy gift cards she can use. And this brings us to our next list: Christmas gift ideas for moms!

35 Christmas Gifts That Transcend Holiday Joys

Christmas is one of the best holidays when you could make momma feel deeply appreciated and loved. Make sure that you consider her likes and her bucket list (if she has one). And to help you out, here are some Christmas gift ideas that could warm a mother’s heart!

66. Her Favorite Perfume

Surprise momma with a bottle or two of her favorite scent. If you aren’t sure what she likes, try asking the people closest to her or consider cruelty-free fragrances she’d be delighted to try.

67. Her Dearly Loved Lippy

The Christmas season is a great time to replenish and freshen up momma’s makeup kit. Gift her with one of her ultimate-favorite lippy. Maybe even add a different shade that gives a confidence boost. Yes, lipsticks can be powerful that way!

68. Skin-Care Gift Set

You can shop for a pre-made gift set or curate your own. The second option is better, of course! Grab momma’s favorite supplies and add a few things you’d want her to try, and then put everything in a nice gift box. Face brush, roller pore-cleansing masks, hydrating serum…. It’s all up to you!

69. Washable Makeup Eraser

An effective makeup eraser makes any momma’s nighttime routine a lot easier. Plus points if the product is eco-friendly! 

70. Box of Sweets

This classic gift idea is and will always be in. You can choose momma’s favorite sweets or have some chocolate bars personalized with designs that trigger nostalgia. Totally Chocolate does a beautiful job in customizing delicious chocolate bars. Check ‘em out if you’re loving this gift idea for mom.

71. Nursing Bra

This one’s for breastfeeding mommas. Nursing bras are comfortable, breathable, and easy to open with one hand while momma’s other hand is holding her baby. Here’s a guide for choosing a nursing bra.

72. Hands-Free Pumping Bra

Every pumping momma would love this gift idea. Imagine being able to pump while your hands are busy working or even while you’re relaxing on a sofa!

73. Nursing Cover

Help momma prepare for situations where she’ll have to breastfeed in public. Especially if she is a new mom, breastfeeding around other people (let alone strangers) can cause anxiety and impede milk letdown. Nursing covers offer a quick fix. Here are some of the best nursing covers you could consider.

74. This-Boob-Next Reminder Bracelet

It’s important for breastfeeding mommas to properly drain both of their boobies. But, there are times when we forget which breast the baby fed on last! A reminder bracelet, like this one, can help with that.

75. Mommy & Me Beanies

This one hits two birds with one stone. A gift for both momma and baby! Mommy & Me Beanies are super cute, useful, and Instagrammable. Perfect for a Christmas Day family photoshoot!

76. Storage Boxes

Yep, storage boxes do make a great gift idea! Momma can use them for decluttering her closets, storing toys and old baby clothes, or archiving files from work. Practical and useful, right?  

77. Fanny Pack

Support momma’s fitness goals for the next year by gifting her with a waist bag or a fanny pack. Fanny packs are great for bringing momma’s essentials while jogging or taking a walk. You could choose something stylish too, like these ones featured on NYMag.

78. Foot Hammock

You’re familiar with footrests for sure, but have you heard of a foot hammock? This gift idea is something that all working moms deserve. Goodbye, leg pains! Hello, comfy workstation!

79. Gardening Tools

Gardening becomes a lot more inspiring when you have all the tools you need. You don’t have to give an entire set of tools to momma. One or a few nice tools (gloves, pruning shears, watering can, etc.) will surely be appreciated.

80. Waffle Bathrobe

Comfy and de-stressing. These two words sum up what being in a waffle bathrobe feels like, especially after a long day at work or running around the house with the kids. Plus, waffle bathrobes are also very absorbent and easy to wash.

81. Plush Joggers

These pants are pretty versatile. They’re great for jogging, walking, or even for quick errands and casual meetups.

82. Wrinkle-Resistant Clothing

Mommas don’t always have the time for ironing, which is why wrinkle-resistant clothes are such wonderful Christmas presents! From t-shirts to button-down and sleeveless blouses, you can find lots of no-iron garments for momma online. 

83. Sherpa Coat

All of us need at least one cozy coat. For momma’s casual and formal appointments, a Sherpa coat is the answer. You can find affordable options on Amazon, Target, and even on Walmart! Pro-tip: consider momma’s favorite clothing color for this one. 

84. Pearl Earrings

Did you know that pearls are symbols of wisdom? That in itself makes them a lovely gift idea. But other than that, pearls are just perfect accessories for brunch as well as elegant dinners.

Check out Vogue’s list of the finest pearl jewelry online.

85. Unbreakable Sunglasses

Unbreakable might not be the accurate term to use here, but that is surely what mommas would want for their fave sunglasses! Thankfully, there are impact-resistant sunglasses out there, particularly glasses made with polycarbonate lenses and a titanium frame.

86. Shoe Gift Card

A new pair of shoes makes a wonderful Christmas present, but it’s so easy to pick the wrong size or an awkward style when shopping for someone else. So to make sure you’re giving momma the footwear she actually wants or needs, why not give her a shoe gift card instead?

87. Matching Mom & Baby Outfit

Cute, matching outfits are fun! They’re great for creating memorable and picture-perfect moments between momma and baby—something that aren’t as easy to create when the kids have grown big. If you like this gift idea, you can easily find matching mom & baby outfits on Amazon.

88. Desk Lamp

There are many aesthetic lamp designs these days—designs that are so pleasing to the senses! Architectural Digest wrote about some of the most beautiful desk lamps I’ve seen. Check ‘em out and find one for momma. 

89. Workstation Equipment

Whether momma is employed, running her own business, or has hobbies that color her day, she’ll need certain equipment or supplies.

Try and find out what useful thing you could add to her work or hobby area. If her workstation has a certain theme or color scheme, do consider that as well before you buy her anything.

90. Comforter

You can’t go wrong with this one. The bed, after all, is the best spot for relaxation! Consider getting a high-quality comforter set. Bed Bath & Beyond has many options you can choose from.

91. Ruggable Rug

Have you seen Ruggable’s best sellers? They are simply lovely and exquisite. You can choose rugs of different colors, patterns, and even for indoor or outdoor use. Any momma would love this Christmas gift idea!

92. Carpet Cleaning Gift Certificate

The young blood among us might find this funny, but this is actually a very practical and thoughtful gift. Thoroughly washing the carpets in our home is no easy job, especially if momma has a toddler or a pet at home.

Find out what carpet-cleaning service is closest to momma and see if they offer gift certificates. ChemDry does offer GCs, so you might want to check them out. 

93. Macramé Plant Hangers

Now that almost everyone is loving indoor plants, it makes sense to get creative on how to display them. Macramé plant hangers help create a homey and calming atmosphere. Check out this list of macramé plant hangers to see for yourself!

94. Art Class

If momma isn’t already in the creative industry, an art class would be a refreshing idea. Sign her up for a class that’s linked to her hobbies or interests, and make sure that the schedule fits her calendar. Some art classes you could explore are macramé, pottery, oil painting, watercolor painting, writing workshops, knitting classes, and woodworking.

95. Craft Materials

Christmas Day is a good day to replenish momma’s craft supplies. Bond papers, photo papers, post-it notes, washi tapes, Instax films, everything that momma would need for her or her kids’ projects. If you want to encourage momma to create a vision board for the next year, go ahead and buy the materials she’ll need.

96. Her Dream Pet

Have you ever seen one of those tearjerker videos of people receiving their dream pet? If momma has a dream pet, this is the perfect time to make her dream a reality!

You don’t necessarily have to buy. Check your community for opportunities to adopt. And of course, it would be great as well if you or other family members could commit to helping momma take care of her new pet.

97. Mason Jars

One can never run out of ideas on how to use mason jars. These jars are great for fancy drinks, smoothies, overnight oatmeal recipes, and even as storage containers for powders, herbs, pens, and pencils! The company MasonJars offers a wide variety of jars that can do wonders for momma’s kitchen and workstation. 

98. Framed Painting

Choose a precious family portrait and commission an artist to paint it. Everyone in the fam will surely love it!

99. Handmade Tablecloth

Anything handmade is extra special. Plus, there are so many choices available when it comes to tablecloths. There are cotton and linen options, crochet tablecloths, and weaved ones, to name a few. Overstock and Etsy are great places to look for this kind of gift idea.

100. Plant-Based Cookbook

At the end of the day, our health is really the best asset that we could offer anyone. But, prepping healthy food options isn’t always easy! To help out momma, why not gift her with a plant-based cookbook? You can find a lot of amazing cookbooks out there, like this book of 500 plant-based recipes!

Real Talk: What Do Mothers Really Like the Most?

Thinking about gifts for mom is already a sweet gesture. But what do mommas really want? This is what our community of mommas has to say: good health for themselves and their loved ones. 

Our wellness—physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual—will always be our best asset at the end of that day. That’s why we at Milksta formulate all our products with healthy superfoods that help reinvigorate mommas! And of course, sweet gifts are always great for uplifting momma’s mood and making sure that she feels appreciated and loved.

Enjoy your holiday gift shopping!

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